Hello! I’m Karol Munoz. Nice to meet you! In my work, I bring together the disciplines of data science, user interface design, and cartography to build utilitarian software that visualizes urban, environmental, and infrastructure data.

I've worked at startups, consulting firms, mass publishing corporations, and software studios. Currently, I work part-time at BMW's startup accelerator, Urban-X, where I help founders address the toughest challenges impacting communities, our planet, and cities. I am also available for freelance work.

My clients tend to view municipalities as a stakeholder, client, or competitor. I have worked with real estate developers, city planners, journalists, and civic-minded businesses of all sizes.

Our name honors the power of collective exploration and development. The term 'Overview Effect' was first introduced by space writer Frank White in 1987. It describes the profound feeling of awe one experiences when viewing Earth as a whole, accompanied by a deep sense of responsibility to care for it.

If you are working on something interesting, please reach out: